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*Kristin is a LIGHTWORKER and is devoted to helping women from all over become the BEST VERSION OF THEMSELVES.  She specializes in ONLINE HEALTH, FITNESS & LIFE coaching and is a wife & mom of 3!    Let her help you reach FULFILLMENT in your life!

Your dreams & desires need a plan of action, whether for health & fitness and/or lifestyle.  

There is nothing more SOUL CRUSHING then knowing time is ticking and you are just going through the motions!!

I want to INSPIRE you to LOOK OUTSIDE THE BOX and go after your passions and what gives you BUTTERFLIES AND GOOSEBUMPS!! ♥

I am a very spiritual person and I have been through many AWAKENINGS in my life. I had felt that I needed to incorporate my passion for helping others live more fulfilling lives through being healthy and fit and  also helping in other matters of the ❤️ as well. Being an empath brings about lots of meaningful paths and I’m so excited to bring them all full circle.

 What completes you?! What is missing?!



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