My name is Kristin and I am a wife and mother to 3 little girls.  Working in the health & fitness industry had always appealed to me and it wasn’t until I decided to WHIP myself into shape after my 2nd baby that I really felt a pull towards this lifestyle.  Not only did I want to train hard for a body building competition but I wanted to help others lead a more health & fit lifestyle so that they themselves could live more fulfilling lives!

After my competition and having our third (and final) child I wanted to get back on the wagon with losing the baby weight and pursuing my passions for something long term.  A good friend of mine introduced me to Beachbody and I instantly felt a connection and purpose for what I was doing!  I coached women from all over the US & Canada while working under the Beachbody umbrella and it was very rewarding!  I recently decided to re-open my own personal health & fitness coaching business so that I can better customize and personalize programs for the individual in need of coaching.  

My job is to assist you in EVERY way possible to make sure your health,fitness & LIFE goals are reached and maintained.  There are NO crash diets here and you will have very flexible meal plans and workout schedules that work best for your lifestyle. I have made it my mission to help women of ALL shapes and sizes experience first-hand how exercise and healthy nutrition can transform not only your body but your mind as well.  I will guide you as you make simple, small changes to your lifestyle and you will feel alive, healthy and vibrant again!





-Life coach Certified

-Angel Card Certified

-Distance Healing Certified

-OPA Member (competed in bodybuilding)

**Currently working on Reiki level 1 & Holistic Nutrition certifications**